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Customer Testimonials

Below is just a small handfull of some of the reviews and testimonials Cleanpro receives on a daily basis.


I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the amazing job you did on our carpets last week! They look beautiful, and every stain is GONE! I was sure some of the stains would never come out, but your products and service were tougher! My husband said you were very professional, and took care in our home. Again, thank-you for such a quality service and with such reasonable prices. We WILL call again!

Donna Washburn

I have 2 kids and 2 dogs..My carpet is a very light tan almost white. I told my wife i would get them cleaned and if they did not come clean, we were getting new carpet...I was hoping that my carpets wouldn't be able to get clean, so i could get new carpet or hardwood...I called Tidewater Cleanpro, and they came out on time with their friendly helpful staff, and in no time at all my carpets were looking brand new...Tidewater Cleanpro saved me a ton of money and i couldn't be happier! I would recommend anyone to use them, i don't think there is a stain that they can't handle! they are very reasonably priced!!

I needed a miracle after a tenant left an apartment unit in shambles and they came through the same day I called! Cat stains and odor all gone carpets look like new again. Best price I could find and having used many others they also did the BEST job possible!! Courteous, Friendly and fast. Rick and Tyler thank you so very much!!! Enjoy the picture!!

Jimmy Bailey

We had given up hope on getting our carpets clean. We had tried some other companies that used the conventional steam and vacuum up method and it only seemed to make the carpets worse. We began to price out buying new carpet, when I heard the ad for Tidewater CleanPro on the radio. I was intrigued by the method Mr Smaltz described and figured I'd give it a shot. You can guess the rest of the story, the carpets came out great - they got rid of stains that we thought would never go away. Tidewater CleanPro saved us from having to replace all the carpets in the house. I highly recommend giving them a shot before you give up - or better yet, learn from my mistake and go with them first!

Highly recommended because of their very friendly customer service, on-time arrival (!), and incredible results. Our carpets were left looking brand new, without the deep stains and with a "fluffiness". The carperts were brought back to life, especially in the more high-traffic areas where the fibres had been matted down over time. Rick, the owner, was a pleasure to be around and very attentive to our individual requests and "problem areas", taking special care to get all of the worst spots out. The carpets dried in a little over an hour with areas that were dirtiest taking longer to dry (about two hours). We were very pleased with the results. Moreover, if you have pets or children, the organic formula they use is very safe and non-toxic. It left my house feeling and smelling clean, not like chemicals. Great job! Plan on using them annually to keep my carpets in good shape, if not more often as needed. Their rates were also very reasonable!

I had to have the carpets cleaned in my mom's house after she passed away. There were serveral stains from spills of coffee on the carpet and the entry way was very dirty from heavy traffic. The owner and his crew came in and cleaned the carpet, removed all the stains and stain protected the entry way. They were very prompt, professional, friendly and did an excellent job for a very resonable price. I really like the organic aspect of thier products. I would definitly recommend them to anyone that needed carpet cleaning.

I first have to say that I have always used Stanley Steemer because they seemed to be the only company that could get "most" of the stains out, but after trying Tidewater CleanPro, I have changed my mind. I have 3 children and pets so stains are inevitable, but you couldn't even tell I ever had stains after Mr. Smaltz (the owner) left. I was amazed at the "new" look and smell and the fact that it only took an hour or so to dry. It was nice to be able to walk on the clean carpets after they were done without a wet feeling between my toes. I couldn't believe what an amazing job the organic products did. I will definitely call on him from now on to clean my carpets. Highly recommend everyone to try this company!

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