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Carpet Cleaning and the EconomyThe economy hasn't seen times like these since the Great Depression. Fortunately our business model holds up very well in todays economy because we have what is called the WOW factor. This simply means we have a superior and exclusive product, and put it in a specific market area which increases the chances of success. When you have a superior product or concept in a specific market area your chances of success in certain industries, particularily the service industry, are very good to excellent. If you take the time to check us out and compare us to opportunities that make great claims, it's very important that you know the full truth about the carpet cleaning industry. Our system and opportunity is one of a kind and in 20 plus years we have never encountered to date any carpet cleaning systems that can outperform the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System. There are no substitutes to our system and we can explain why. Before you make an informed decision about getting into the carpet cleaning business, call us so we can give you the facts and let you decide.

Since Cleanpro began, other companies have followed the pursuit of producing non-hot water extraction systems. We take it as a great compliment that these people compare themselves to us. Unfortunately, they do not have the technology, which is our ion exchange process, along with our exclusive formulas to do a better job. Our claim is simple, there will NEVER be another carpet cleaning system that will out perform the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System. Not only will they not out perform, but they will most likely fall under the bonnet cleaning category, which is not a true carpet cleaning system. Call us for details and we'll explain why.

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