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What Makes Cleanpro Different?

The Cleanpro System was designed to overcome the familiar problems with steam cleaning (hot water extraction).

Carpet Cleaning EquipmentThe first is over-wetting. Steam cleaning is notorious for leaving carpets wet for days, even when done by a professional. This can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which in turn may cause health problems such as Kawasaki disease (although rare). In the early 1990's, Kelly Preston (John Travolta's Wife) was a spokesperson talking about the dangers of carpet cleaning namely steam cleaning and the harsh chemicals that are used in the industry. Kelly Preston was compelled to talk to the public about these issues as their son Jett had contracted Kawasaki disease and blamed it squarely on the carpet cleaning industry. Jett Travolta had contracted the disease when he was a young child. Kawasaki disease (although rare) has only found to be dangerous to small children. It is apparent that older kids and adults cannot contract it. With the Cleanpro System there is absolutely no worry of this happening as our unique product is very safe for indoor air quality and the system dries in about 1-2 hours and does not wet the backing of carpet where the bacteria and mold can begin.

The second is the tacky residue that is left behind which causes carpets to re-soil almost immediately. These products, widely used, contain animal fat or silicone based detergents that not only have poor performance, they are harder to remove than the dirt itself!

The Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System uses a citrus-based organic cleaning solution that is manufactured exclusively by us. Its outstanding formula eliminates those residual problems, so the carpets stay cleaner longer.

The third and most important are the results. You rarely hear rave reviews from anyone who has had their carpets steam cleaned. In contrast, the Cleanpro system gets rave reviews over and over again. We firmly believe (as well as our loyal customers) the Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System is the finest system on the market today.

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